A note from your photographer….

    1- To access your event's preview gallery, please enter (at the bottom of this window) the unique passcode provided to you previously.                                                      Note: Passcodes are case-sensitive and should be entered exactly as provided. 

     Please contact us if you lost that passcode or need assistance. 

    2- In viewing the following images, please remember that they are just image previews (also known as “digital proofs”). These images have not yet been enhanced in any way.

   As a result (and mostly due to the color calibration and resolution differences between computer monitors) the images you’re about to preview could look “off” (dark, light, or with inconsistent colors, contrasts, etc…).

   Please make your selections based on expressions and content.

   Each image you'll select will then be individually color-balanced, retouched, as well as enhanced and optimized before being sent to our lab to produce a perfect print!

   It has been a pleasure photographing this event. We hope you enjoy previewing these images as much as we've enjoyed creating them !

Jennifer Church